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“ The art of the sailor is to leave nothing to chance. ”

Marine Consultant with Unlimited Master Mariner's license & full DP ticket. I have served on Semi-Submersibles, Dive Support, ROV, Pipe Lay & Sub-Sea Construction vessels since 2004. I have extensive experience in vessel commissioning, audits, marine assurance & DP trials. Additionally I have served as Marine Representative on multiple vessels.

Having found my sea legs in 1996 on the deck of the tall ship Concordia I have never wanted to do anything else. I write about various marine topics and have been published in industry newsletters and marine websites.

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Sean Pieter Hogue





“Vessels I have known and loved.”


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Lewek Centurion

Currently trading in the North Sea, the Lewek Centurion is a pipe lay construction vessel with the capability to lay concrete coated pipe up to 36" in diameter, in 1000m of water.

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M3 Marine Expertise

Working as Marine Rep on behalf of BP I served on board both the Winposh Rampart and her sister ship, the Resolve.

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Jascon 25

The Jascon 25, a construction / pipe lay barge. Shown here salvaging the USS Guardian , a minesweeper that went aground on a reef in the Phillipines. During my time here I planned a number of heavy lift operations and executed multiple module replacements on alongside an FPSO

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MV Sampson

I spent a year in the ship yard with the Sampson undergoing a major refit - including the installation of a full pipe lay system, 2 additional thrusters, and 2 more engine rooms. This was followed by sea trials and transit to the Gulf of Mexico for her first pipe lay job.

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PLV Caesar

Fresh from conversion to pipe lay I was actively involved with commissioning and sea trials, as well as completing her first pipe lay project - the Toucan line in Trinidad.

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Trading in the Persian Gulf, the CMaster is a highly capable pipe lay barge. While I only spent a few trips here we laid pipe non stop the entire time and I am proud to have been a member of the team.

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Uncle John

The Mighty Uncle John - a versatile subsea work platform, suitable for a wide variety of tasks; from saturation diving & ROV, to well ops.

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MV Highland Fortress

Working on the Fortress gave me an opportunity to see pipe lining from another angle. Acting as the chase boat for the Solitaire we tracked her progress and monitored the condition of the pipe using the ROV.

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MV Ocean Service

The Ocean Service was the ROV vessel that represented my big break into the offshore DP game. She was sold in 2007 to Nomis Shipping & has been renamed the Dea Surveyor. Since then she was sold to VOS and is the vessel pictured.

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Midnight Eagle

The Midnight Eagle was a Pipe Lay barge owned by the now defunct Torch Offshore. She was not glamorous but she got pipe off the stern, and that's what counts.

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CS Agile

The Agile was the first DP vessel I sailed on and set my course for the rest of my career. We laid fiber optic cable in the North Sea for the UK MoD. I also completed a dry dock here and spent a good amount of time in Bermuda as well.

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ASL Sanderling

The crew of the Sanderling began to teach me the fundamentals of coastal navigation, as well as a grudging respect for the needle gun.

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MV R-Five

The first cruise ship delivered of the year 2000. She is medium sized and offered a very personal experience. I worked closely with the Safety and Security teams, running drills, performing crowd control, and whatever else was required.

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S/V Concordia

Working on a traditional tall ship enabled me to start my career with a focus on the basics; Astral navigation, weather, marlinespike seamanship... I made lifelong friends here and it sparked a lifelong love for the sea.

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London Offshore Consultants

After many great years at sea the time came to move shore side. I am excited to join LOC and am looking forward to the new challenges. My job description includes: • Providing marine operations and DP expertise to oil and gas industry clients on existing and future contracts. • Performing specialist surveys and audits and formulating risk assessments for technically advanced vessels. • Providing specialist management consulting and warranty survey services to its clients in the shipping and offshore oil and gas industry, including marine insurers such as P&I Clubs, hull & machinery underwriters, as well as ship owners, charterers, cargo interests, salvage contractors and government bodies.

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Teams I am proud to be a member of

The Nautical Institute

International DP Operators Association

Offshore Service Vessel Dynamic Positioning Authority

Marine Technology Society

Houston Mariners Club

Houston Marine Arbitrators Association

“There is nothing -- absolutely nothing -- half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.”

Work History

My Employment Timeline
West Island College - Deck hand - December 1996 - June 1997
S/V Concordia

Barquentine Rigged Three Masted Tall Ship. We completed a year at sea and over 30,000nm together. I was fortunate to start my career on a vessel that stressed the traditional sailing arts. Sadly, she went down off the coast of Brazil in 2010.

Oceanex - Navigation Cadet - July - October 1999
ASL Sanderling

RoRo Container Ship running between St. John's, NF, and Halifax, NS. My first taste of the coastal trade. I learned a little about big vessel ship handling and a lot about needle guns.

Renaissance Cruise Lines - Navigation Cadet - August - November 2000
M/V R-Five

The R-Five, owned by the now defunct Renaissance Cruise Lines, traded over in Europe. She could carry close to 700 passengers. We traded between the North Sea and the Mediterranean.

Secunda Marine - AB - February - August 2001
C/S Agile

Kongsberg DP-2 Cable Layer. This was my first dynamically positioned vessel and as soon as I discovered it I knew it would become the focus of my career.

Oceaneering - Watch Keeping Mate / DPO - May 2003
M/V Ocean Service

Kongsberg DP-2 Supply / ROV Vessel. My first vessel as DPO. I was not here for long but it gave me the jumping off point I needed to start collecting the sea time required for the unlimited DP ticket.

Tidewater Marine - Watch Keeping Mate / DPO - June 2003
PLB Midnight Eagle

Kongsberg DP-2 Pipe Lay Barge. The Midnight Eagle was my first exposure to pipe lay operations. We were laying a stick welded 10" line close to the Louisiana coast. The barge was fitted with four thrusters, one on each corner. These were driven by individual motors and at least one of them would trip off every watch. No room for complacency on watch!

Cal Dive International - Second Officer / Chief Officer - July 2003 - October 2009
Uncle John

Cegelec DPS-902, DP-2 Dive Support and Multi-Service Semi Submersible. Equipped with a 16 man dive spread, ROV, and twin cranes on deck capable of tandem heavy lifts, she could be configured for a wide range of jobs including well intervention, core sampling, air & saturation diving, and ROV work. I spent almost 7 years here and worked my way through the ranks to Chief Officer / SDPO.

Gulfmark Offshore - Second Officer / DPO - August - September 2007
Highland Fortress

Kongsberg DP-2 Platform Supply / ROV vessel. A view of pipe lay from the other side. We worked with Allseas to monitor the touch down of the pipe being laid by the Solitaire.

Kito Marine - First Officer / SDPO - November 2009 - February 2010
PLB C-Master

Kongsberg DP-3 Pipe Lay Barge. Capable of handling pipe up to 42". This time we were laying 36" pipe with a piggy back line in the Persian Gulf. I met a couple of guys onboard here that I have had the pleasure of continuing to work with over the years.

Helix ESG - Chief Officer / SDPO - February - November 2010
PLV Caesar

Kongsberg DP-2 Pipe Lay Construction Vessel. I joined the vessel in Texas, fresh from conversion to a pipe lay vessel. There were a number of teething issues to work out but the crew came together and eventually laid its first successful line, off the coast of Trinidad.

Zafiro Marine - Chief Officer / SDPO - November 2010 - April 2013
M/V Sampson

DP-3 K-POS Heavy Lift Pipe Lay Vessel. She is equipped with a 1600T crane and a 375 T S-Lay system by Remacut. I was part of the team performing the vessels conversion in Croatia. We installed the full pipe lay system, associated deck housing, two additional thrusters and fabricated two additional engine rooms. The end result was nine thrusters, fourteen main engines, and the best handling DP vessel I have had the pleasure of sailing.

Sea Trucks Group - Chief Officer / SDPO - April - June 2013
Jascon 25

DP-3 KPOS Pipe Lay Construction Barge. A capable barge with an 800Te Huisman crane, we performed a heavy lift module addition for an FPSO down in Indonesia.

M3 Marine Expertise - Client Representative - June 2013
BP TEAP Project in Indonesia

Far down the Indonesian island chain, off the west coast of Papua. I represented BP across a fleet of DP tugs and supply boats. Responsible for closing out FMEA Trials comments and helping to train the Indonesian crew. I also developed the DP Operational Guidelines for the field.

EMAS Offshore - DP Master - August 2013 - September 2014
Lewek Centurion

Kongsberg DP-2 Pipe Lay Construction Vessel. The ex Casear, having been purchased by EMAS AMC and renamed, was now equipped with two additional thrusters since I had last been onboard at Chief Mate. The increased capacity put to rest claims that she was under powered and we successfully completed pipe lay projects both in the North Sea and the South China Sea.

London Offshore Consultants - October 2014 - Present
Marine Consultant

Having made the move ashore in October 2014 I consider myself fortunate to have joined such a world class company as LOC. My primary focus is Dynamic Positioning and Marine Assurance. This involves a variety of jobs such as DP Trials, FMEA review, DP documentation development, as well as vessel and mission critical equipment surveys, rig moves, etc. It varies tremendously and I have had opportunity to serve as Client Rep, Legal Council, Marine Warranty Survey and Inspector.

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Ever since I first laid eyes on a DP system - on board the CS Agile - I have focused my career exclusively on working with this technology. It was tough to get hired at first with no experience but my persistence paid off and I have been fortunate to work on a variety of ships, performing a variety of tasks.

My primary focus has been on Dive Support, Pipe Lay and Sub-Sea Construction. Laying rigid pipe is a very particular skill set within the industry and I have worked to gain as broad an experience base as possible. I have laid pipe from ships, off barges, and in the North Sea during the worst winter on record for the last 70 years.

Having moved shore side with London Offshore Consultants I continue to learn and expand my skill set. Working in the DP and Marine Assurance department has allowed ample opportunity to be part of a wide array of projects, each one unique and with something to teach.

“Education is the Mother of Leadership”


Education and Certification

Marine Training is an Ongoing Process

I am a firm believer that Leadership is a process and not a position. Like any other skill it can be developed through diligent practice, consistent feedback, and self reflection.

I am actively pursuing additional challenges and learning opportunities to both expand my knowledge of the offshore, and to facilitate my Continuing Professional Development.

Leadership is not just a set of skills or a collection of behaviors - it is character. Solid character habits define a solid character.

Technical Diploma in Nautical Science- 1999-2002
Marine Institute of Memorial University

I attended the Marine Institute in St. John's, Newfoundland, graduating in 2002. During this time I was the recipient of the Captain Morgan's award for academic performance.

Master Mariner, Unlimited- Re-validation 2017
Transport Canada

I successfully completed my unlimited Master Mariners certificate in 2012. This achievement was the ultimate goal that I set out to accomplish back in 1996 when I realized that one could make a career out of working at sea.

Unlimited DP Certificate - No. 4105- Renewed 2016
Nautical Institute

Ever since first laying eyes on a SDP-21 I could see that dynamic positioning was the way of the future. I completed the Basic course in 2001 and fulfilled all license requirements between 2002 and 2004. Since then I have logged over 10,000 hrs on a number of vessel engaged in diverse offshore specific tasks.

Trading Certificates- All up to date
Transport Canada Approved

I hold all relevant offshore trading documents required including: Valid Passport, Offshore Medical, BOSIET, HUET, etc. Copies available on request.

ISM / ISPS Auditor- Earned March 2014
Quality Management International, Inc.

Taken in conjunction with the ISM/ISPS auditor training I earned the Security Officer endorsement for ships, company and port facilities. Not only did this training increase my security awareness, but also my appreciation and understanding of the responsibilities of those ashore. I feel this knowledge will help my interactions with shore side authorities be smoother and mutually beneficial.

OVID Accredited Inspector- May 2015

Accredited OVID inspector with experience on a variety of vessel types.


Articles, Books, and Blog
Review of QMII Training Courses

Review of QMII Training Courses

I recently completed a weeks worth of training with Quality Management International Inc. (QMII) who specialize in training for auditing and understanding various management systems, including a range of ISO certifications, Occupational Health & Safety, and the ISM / ISPS...

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"Lewek Centurion"

“Lewek Centurion”

The first project undertaken by the Lewek Centurion after being purchased by EMAS AMC is a set of 4 pipe lines for CECON, on behalf of GDF. The main product lines range from 8"-10" in diameter and two lines also...

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